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Low, fixed-rate offers available - A remortgage is when you decide to switch your existing mortgage without actually moving house.

Normally this involves redeeming an existing loan on the property. You may well want to remortgage if you are looking to raise extra cash or save money on your repayments.

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Remortgages - Remortgage, Secured, Buy To Let
Remortgaging is moving your existing mortgage to a new mortgage lender, in order to lower the amount you're paying on your mortgage.

The new lender will then pay off the mortgage owed to the old lender. You are then left with just one mortgage loan, now payable to the new lender. If you're looking for a particular type of mortgage such as a fixed rate, then our easy online application form will help you make your application.

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Low, fixed-rate offers available
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Impaired credit is not a problem
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Easy Remortgage to raise cash for any purpose!

We are an established national mortgage broker with ten years experience in helping people with difficult and unusual circumstances refinance their homes.

If you have equity stored up in your home, then remortgaging may help you:

  • Reduce payments
  • Raise cash for any purpose, from weddings and holidays to business ventures and second homes
  • Consolidate debts to reduce outgoings and make them more manageable
  • Achieve all of the above!

As mortgage rates are historically much lower than other forms of credit such as personal loans and credit cards, it just makes sense to find out about refinancing.

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